SES appoints Frank Esser as chairperson amid shareholder AGM approval

SES appoints Frank Esser as chairperson amid shareholder AGM approval

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SES recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in which all resolutions were approved by shareholders.

The approved resolutions included the company's 2019 financial accounts and a dividend of €0.40 per A-share. Shareholders also approved a reduction in board size from 14 to 12 directors.

In addition, shareholders elected Béatrice de Clermont-Tonnerre and Peter van Bommel for a period of two-years and Paul Konsbruck and Frank Esser for another three-years. They also re-elected Ramu Potarazu, Kaj-Erik Relander and Anne-Catherine Ries for a further three years, as well.

In line with the approved reduction of its board, Victor Casier, Hadelin de Liedekerke Beaufort, Marc Serres and François Tesch resigned as directors of SES.

“Having been at the helm of the company for 25 years, firstly as CEO and latterly as chairman and with the company now entering an exciting period of transformation under Steve Collar’s leadership and with a newly invigorated and streamlined board, I consider it to be the right time to pass the baton to a new chair in the renewed board,” said Romain Bausch, chairman of the SES board and former president and CEO.

Additionally, the board is now made up of independent A-shareholders including Romain Bausch, Béatrice de Clermont-Tonnerre, Frank Esser, Tsega Gebreyes, Ramu Potarazu, Kaj-Erik Relander, Peter van Bommel and Katrin Wehr-Seiter.

While B-shareholders are made up of Serge Allegrezza, Paul Konsbruck, Anne-Catherine Ries and Françoise Thoma.

“I am honoured to be elected chairperson at this important and exciting time for our company with SES being in a great position for further development,” said Frank Esser (pictured), newly elected chairperson.

“I am delighted to be joining the Board with several new directors who will each bring strong competencies, complementing those of the rest of our Board colleagues.

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