Five things to watch April 7: Manx Telecom signs 5-year SaaS deal with Cerillion, TIM establishes new supervisory body and PCCW Global, UniStrong develop GNSS technologies

Five things to watch April 7: Manx Telecom signs 5-year SaaS deal with Cerillion, TIM establishes new supervisory body and PCCW Global, UniStrong develop GNSS technologies

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Manx Telecom signs 5-year SaaS deal with Cerillion

Manx Telecom has extended its 5-year agreement with Cerillion, a digital monetisation and customer management solutions provider.

“Manx Telecom is a long-standing Cerillion customer and we are delighted to be helping them stay at the forefront of innovation by extending our partnership with this new five-year deal,” said Louis Hall, CEO, Cerillion.

Under the terms of the expanded agreement, Manx Telecom will upgrade to Cerillion 8 and move to a new Software-as-a-Service agreement (SaaS) based on Cerillion’s Evergreen Software Model, including five years of support and maintenance. 

“By moving to Cerillion 8 and the Evergreen Software Model, we are making a step-change in our capabilities now and crucially future-proofing our business for the challenges of tomorrow,” said Sutha Siva, COO of Manx Telecom.

PCCW Global, UniStrong develop GNSS technologies

PCCW Global and Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Corporation Limited (UniStrong) are partnering to develop Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies.

Working with UniStrong, a spatial-temporal product and service provider, PCCW Global will enable PC exciting new concepts and services especially suited to the telecommunications and aviation industries.

The collaboration between the two will extend the value of BDS, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo technologies further, linking satellite positioning to 5G mobile networks to provide positioning data accurate to within centimetres.

In doing so they unlock a ange of new services for telecommunications providers rolling out new networks to support Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities and the aviation industry.

“We are delighted to cooperate with UniStrong with the aim to offer unique, game-changing solutions in Satellite High Precision Positioning (SHPP) and Continuous Operating Reference Station (CORS) solutions ideally suited to the new era of 5G, IoT and smart cities,” said Benney Cheng, head of strategic project and development, PCCW Global.

VTB Bank and Rostelecom form big data JV

Rostelecom and Russia-based VTB Bank have registered a new company and joint venture Big Data Platform.

The new platform will focus on the development and monetisation of products based on big data processing, including AI and machine learning technologies. 

“We are now building our core team that will be in charge, among other things, of the strategic roadmap for the platform’s products and services. Together with our partner, we have consolidated our efforts and are focusing on developing market solutions for various business segments,” said Vadim Kulik, deputy president and chairman of VTB Bank management board.

More details about the specific products and services of our joint venture will be revealed at a later date. We are confident that we will significantly expand the range of Big Data products on offer in the Russian market by combining both our expertise and the technology we use.”

The new venture will be built around an open platform and will be accessible via an API with the pilot to be launched before the end of 2020.

TIM establishes new supervisory body

Chaired by Salvatore Rossi, TIM’s board of directors met to adopt a new organisational model.

Under the new organisational model, they will establish a new Supervisory Body that will provide specialist supervision to the board.

The new supervisory body will be made up of Giuseppe Pignatone (chairman), Carlo Piergallini, the statutory auditor Anna Doro, and the head of the company's audit department, Gianfranco Cariola.

“We are pleased to have enhanced TIM’s control and supervisory system by creating a separate body whose members will include two highly regarded professionals as Giuseppe Pignatone, who will be its chairman, and Prof. Carlo Piergallini,” said Salvatore Rossi, chairman at TIM.

“We thank the Board of Statutory Auditors sincerely for the supervisory functions it has performed to date with professionalism and distinction.”

Okta unveils Okta FastPass solution

Okta, a provider of identity for the enterprise, has launched Okta FastPass.

Okta is a passwordless login experience across devices, applications, and operating systems including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. 

“Okta FastPass eliminates the need for a password regardless of an employee’s device choice, and highlights how Okta’s independent identity platform can deliver a truly differentiated experience for our customers,” said Diya Jolly, chief product officer, Okta.

“This is made possible through a significant upgrade to the Okta Identity Cloud, marrying user identity to device identity for the first time, and opening the door for incredible usability and security possibilities.”

Okta FastPass is made possible through the new Okta Verify application, which is either provisioned by IT or downloaded by end users on managed or unmanaged devices.

Okta is an integral part of the identity-centric view of life that we've taken with our security paradigm. Okta FastPass is a great example of how we can empower NTT DATA employees with an intuitive passwordless experience, while still maintaining invisible device policies and security,” said Steve Williams, chief information security officer, NTT DATA.

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