Nokia, LG Uplus build automated IP transport network for 5G

Songchul Park - Nokia and LG UPlus NEW.jpg

Nokia has partnered Korean operator LG Uplus to help automate its IP transport and core networks to deliver 5G services.

Leveraging software-defined networking (SDN) this automation deployment has been designed for 5G cloud architectures enabling LG Uplus deliver an evolving portfolio of 5G services to consumers and enterprise quickly and at scale.

“LG Uplus provides differentiated services from competitors from sports and entertainment to games and life through 5G ultra-realistic service that changes our daily life,” said Songchul Park, head of NW tech operation group, LG Uplus.

“It was possible because the networks with low-latency, real-time network management, and automation functions strongly demanded by 5G could be deployed with Nokia in a timely manner.”

“It is expected that Nokia solutions will continue to provide high-quality services with next-generation network technologies in line with the era of AI. LG Uplus will keep working with Nokia to meet customer service through more reliable partnerships.”

Nokia rolled out its Network Service Platform (NSP) that uses a flexible, modular and programmable approach to help LG Uplus automate network operations and ease integration with their Nokia FP4-based IP routers and multiple vendor platforms to accelerate 5G services rollout.

Additionally, it will allow LG Uplus to constantly meet strict 5G requirements in terms of bandwidth, latency and resiliency, ensuring maximum service quality, reliability and security, while improving operational efficiency and agility.

“Nokia’s solution, combining our IP routers with our SDN slicing controller, is the foundation of building a robust 5G transport network that in turn is a key enabler of 5G service delivery,” said Kevin Ahn, head of Korea at Nokia.

“As telcos like LG Uplus seek to prepare their networks for 5G and handle the increase in capacity and complexity that comes along with it, we are a natural choice to streamline their operations and enhance network performance."