Veego names new IoT partner and investor

Amir Kotler - CEO of Veego - Picture.jpg

Israel-based Veego Software has welcomed a new strategic partner and minority investor to boost its work around IoT and the connected home.

Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX) is to adopt Veego’s technology “to offer combined solutions for customer care and customer experience to major internet service providers globally”. Supporting the partnership, Amdocs has also made a direct investment in Veego, although the sum has not been disclosed. 

Veego’s technology is also embedded in Amdocs’ doxi HomeOS ecosystem, now available commercially.

“The value that Veego brings to ISPs is game-changing,” said Gil Rosen, president and GM at Amdocs. “Veego gives eyes to ISPs enabling them to see what is going on in the connected home, drastically improving their support of millions of subscribers and reducing OPEX on customer care. We are excited by the opportunity to bring this breakthrough technology to Internet Service Providers around the world.”

Veego CEO Amir Kotler (pictured), added: “Veego technology will enrich Amdocs’ doxi portfolio of products and services, enabling them to offer a unique, game-changing solution to ISPs who service millions of smart, hyper-connected homes.”

Veego’s software addresses malfunctions in the connected home, particularly when smart devices and services don’t work efficiently, relieving ISPs of the demands for technical support. Veego also uses its learnings from monitoring connected home environments to help ISPs tailor services to subscribers.