Elisa launches world-first 5G solutions in Finnish showroom

Elisa 1 5g release.jpg

Finnish service provider Elisa (HEL: ELISA) has unveiled a suite of world-first 5G solutions at its new showroom in Helsinki, including a remote-controlled tractor, a mobile app for 3D modelling and high-resolution live streaming.

The new solutions are part of a display of nine 5G innovations, developed by Elisa in collaboration with its partners Valtra and Aalto University, which demonstrate the speed and latency 5G can achieve in everyday applications.

“At the 5G Showroom we can present our best 5G services. Our services and solutions have been developed in strong collaboration with our partners and customers,” said Kimmo Pentikäinen, vice president, business development, Elisa Corporation.

“We want to build a sustainable future through digitalisation. At the 5G Showroom one can see and experience different ways in which 5G will benefit the society in various fields. For example, 5G clearly increases performance, which interests companies,” Pentikäinen added.

Working with Nordic tractor manufacturer Valtra, Elisa has installed 5G capabilities in one of its heavy vehicles to allow for remote and secure control, 150km away from where the tractor is located. With the help of a 360-degree camera, the operator has a real time view of the environment and, because the control signal stays in Elisa’s 5G network, the firm says it is able to provide high-level security during operation.

The second solution, pioneered in collaboration with Aalto University, allows those in construction, design and even engineering, to review 3D models in real time. Despite the huge file sizes this usually requires, the mobile app uses cloud computing and a 5G connection to deliver a high quality stream via mobile.

The third solution, a VR live stream, allows for surveillance of a large outdoor environment, for example remote rescue by the emergency services or damage assessment after a natural disaster. Elisa’s 360 VR live stream in 8K resolution, which can be attached to a drone, is linked to VR glasses allowing the user to view the footage from any required angle.