SKY optimizes cloud operations with Equinix solution

SKY optimizes cloud operations with Equinix solution

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Satellite TV operator SKY has selected data centre firm Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) to offer connectivity to cloud providers in the United States using the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric solution.

The implementation is for the optimization of SKY operations, and offer a better experience, both for its employees and for its end users. 

SKY chose to hire a 10 GB port and a 10 GB virtual circuit, which enabled the company to connect to the platform.

The 10 GB port spans the entire SKY data centre. When contracting the service, the pay-TV company said it took into account a partner company that offered low implementation time, lower costs and low latency.

“I am able to have a high-performance, scalable, reliable and secure hybrid cloud environment with a single provider,” said Andre Nazare, IT director at SKY in Brazil.

“In this sense, our choice for ECX Fabric was strategic because, in addition to having our centralized operations, we know that building this structure in-house would not be appropriate.

"For these reasons, I bet that most Brazilian network operators will use this technology to integrate their clouds soon.”

The company revealed its goal is for ECX Fabric to be used to connect the company, which is 100% digital, to all its cloud providers, taking advantage of the fast connect ease, stability and multi-cloud environment provided by Equinix's solution.

“The tool is intuitive and self-explanatory. Today, thanks to the ECX Fabric portal, we have bandwidth sharing facility and flexibility,” said Nazare.

“I can allocate my capacity however I want and whenever I want, as the portal offers me the autonomy to resize, connect and change my entire environment without needing the intervention of the Equinix team.”

Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric allows interconnection (direct and private connection between companies) to any company present on the Equinix Platform, including the main public clouds, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba, Oracle Cloud, among others.

"Cloud providers are opting for ECX Fabric as a way to provide private connectivity on-demand and thus meet constantly evolving business needs, such as the optimisation required by SKY,” said Eduardo Carvalho, Managing Director of Equinix in Brazil (pictured).

“Among the customers currently using the solution, there are leading companies in the market, such as Suzano Papel e Celulose and Conductor, which can benefit from Equinix's rich ecosystem to improve their services and their users' experience.”