CSG supports Telstra connected cars solutions across Asia-Pacific

Telecoms car NEW.jpeg

CSG has expanded its relationship with Telstra to provide billing and provisioning capabilities for Telstra’s suite of managed IoT connected solution across Asia-Pacific.

Telstra has developed an ecosystem for its customers in the car industry and supports a transition for them to successfully navigate the growth in autonomous vehicles.

“Telstra has leveraged its investment and IoT footprint in its mobile network, the largest in Australia, to deliver an industry-leading suite of connected vehicle capabilities that helps position its customers for the driverless future,” said Ian Watterson, head of CSG’s Asia-Pacific business operations. “Having partnered with Telstra for more than 15 years, CSG has a firm understanding of their technologies and systems to provide them with a solution that will help drive an autonomous future across the Asia Pacific region.”

CSG will provide both the provisioning and billing capabilities for its connected care solution suite. This is turn will support the delivery of IoT-based connectivity to provide initial telemetry management that delivers meaningful information about the vehicle based on data collected from the vehicle’s sensors.

Telstra’s IoT connectivity management platform will provide the framework for the connected car, while CSG will integrate its Singleview and Mediation solutions into the platform to onboard, rate and provide billing to Telstra’s customers based on the services used. In addition, CSG will manage complex business reporting for Telstra’s partner ecosystem.