Orixcom partners Microsoft for Azure ExpressRoute in the UAE

Orixcom partners Microsoft for Azure ExpressRoute in the UAE

Andrew Grenville - CEO - Orixcom NEW.jpg

Orixcom, a cloud and enterprise connectivity provider in the Middle East, has announced a new partnership to facilitate better connectivity.

Working with Microsoft, Orixcom has been named as the only local direct ExpressRoute partner aside from the two licensed UAE telecom operators.

Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute is a dedicated, private connection to the Microsoft cloud. Implementing ExpressRoute, facilitated by Orixcom for cloud connections offers customers  enhanced security, performance and in many cases, greatly reduced costs compared to alternative options. 

“Cloud is transforming the world of Enterprise IT, and we need to transform the world of Enterprise connectivity,” said Andrew Grenville (pictured), CEO of Orixcom. “We are very excited to announce this new ExpressRoute partnership with Microsoft, a trusted, global brand with their cloud right here in the UAE. Offering our direct customers and service provider partners an easy, highly available, secure and cost-effective ExpressRoute connection ensures they remain at the vanguard of their field on their digital journey.”

According to the company, UAE and regional businesses have been reluctant to adopt cloud services for several reasons with security and data sovereignty being high on the list. In response, the big global players such as Microsoft, have moved into the region to set up local data centres to cater to risk adverse entities such as government and banking and finance.

Additionally, its says that the latency and security issues that have prevented many businesses from adopting cloud computing are no longer an issue with the opening of a local data centres coupled with an ExpressRoute connection. Reduced costs and vastly improved end user experience will transform business connectivity in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.