Huawei announces global collaboration strategy

Ma Yue, vice president of Enterprise BG, Huawei.jpg

Chinese tech giant Huawei, has initiated a global collaboration strategy to help its enterprise division achieve “mutual benefits” with business partners around the world.

The “Profitability, Simplicity, Enablement, and Ecosystem” strategy will see Huawei Enterprise Business Group (BG) increase support under the pillars of profitability, simplicity, enablement and eco-system.

The strategy is expected to benefit Huawei’s more than 22,000 sales partners; 1,200 solution partners; 4,200 service partners; 1,000 talent alliance partners; and 80 investment, operation and financing partners. It will also see two new partner categories introduced: social partner and industry partner.

The strategy was unveiled by Frank Shen Surong, VP of partners and alliances, during the live-streamed Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2020, which was held as an alternative to a physical presence at the cancelled Mobile World Congress.

A statement from the company read: “In the intelligence era, the key to a mutually beneficial ecosystem is to enable everyone to use their own strengths to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

“Huawei will continue to optimise its ecosystem policies to expand the partner ecosystem, help partners achieve their goals, and provide better support for partners. Efforts will be dedicated to the development, cultivation, support, incentives, and compliance of partners.

“Ultimately, it will streamline partner management to build an open, cooperative, and mutually beneficial ecosystem, and strive to become the preferred provider for digital transformation,” it continued.

The Digital Transformation Conference was also the first showcase of Huawei’s Intelligent World 2030; a vision where people are “freed from tedious labour” according to Ma Yue, the vice president of Enterprise BG (pictured).

Addressing delegates, he said: “If we are to create an intelligent world by 2030, we must turn the heat up further and push for extensive digital transformation in all industries.

“The next decade will witness the rapid development of ICT: 5G and AI will be widely applied; 6G, brand simulation and quantum computing will develop at pace. Intelligent scenarios such as automatic driving, virtual office and nursing robots, will dramatically change how we work and how we live. As digital transformation continues to develope at speed in future, everything will be connected and intelligent,” he added.