Hughes and TELECOMM deploy Wifi hotspots in rural Mexico

Hughes and TELECOMM deploy Wifi hotspots in rural Mexico

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Hughes Network Systems confirms that it is to roll out Wifi hotspots in close to 4,000 rural communities in Mexico.

Launching in collaboration with Telecomunicaciones de México (TELECOMM), a government body under the Mexico Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, the project will deploy Hughes Express Wi-Fi Hotspots powered by Facebook Connectivity's Express Wi-Fi platform.

"We are excited to provide under our contract with Hughes the installation and maintenance of the Hughes Express Wi-Fi solution in rural communities nationwide," Sergio Viñals Padilla, director general at TELECOMM. "Hughes satellite Internet will enable more Mexicans to enjoy transformation and social inclusion for the wellness of the population, as defined in the Federal Government Connectivity Program and Social Coverage Program."

The town of General Sandino was the first location to receive the Hughes Express Wi-Fi hotspot under this initiative, it previously has no access to high-speed internet. It is based a two-hour drive away from Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of Chiapas State in the southern region of Mexico. 

"The agreement with TELECOMM to deploy Hughes Express Wi-Fi hotspots at thousands of rural locations reflects the power of the solution to make affordable Internet access available quickly to help connect the unconnected," said Ramesh Ramaswamy, senior vice president and general manager of international division at Hughes. "We look forward to working together with TELECOMM to connect more communities in Mexico with this turnkey, satellite broadband service.”

This offering uses Hughes JUPITER System, the next-gen VSAT platform designed and built for broadband services, using Ka-band capacity from the JUPITER 2 (EchoStar XIX) satellite to deliver internet connectivity to locations that were selected from the Federal Government Connectivity Program. Additionally, at each site Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi Platform enables local managers to operate the system and make Wi-Fi available on numerous devices.

Last month, Hughes said that it may have to close its Indian operations because of unpaid fees it owes to the government The US satellite operator is facing similar troubles to that of the country’s mobile operators, which at the start of the year, after losing its case in India’s Supreme Court, was told it owes $14 billion in dues.