Prysmian awarded £38m broadband project in Mexico

Philippe Vanhille Prysmian Group NEW.jpg

Prysmian Group has won the contract to build a $38 million fibre broadband project in Mexico.

Awarded by government-owned Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), the cable project called Proyecto de Conectividad Fibra Óptica Red Eléctrica Inteligente REI is the largest commissioned by the government and will connect remote regions of the country with high-speed broadband.

“We wouldn’t have been able to succeed in this project without the extremely efficient cooperation among our local sales team and global operations, R&D, procurement, logistics and legal teams,” said Juan Mogollon, CEO of LATAM at Prysmian Group. “Support from all of them was key to reaching this outstanding result.”

Under the terms of contract, Prysmian will oversee the design, supply and installation of at least 9,800km of optical ground wires (OPGW) cables and 5,100km of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cables. The OPGW cables will be produced at the group’s production plant in Durango. Mexico.

“This contract is a significant milestone for Prysmian in Mexico, a country in which we have been present for years, and in which we invested,” added Philippe Vanhille (pictured), executive vice president of telecom business at Prysmian Group. “Mexico and Central America offer considerable scope for development in all telecom sectors in the near future, with broadband Internet subscribers constantly growing. The investments we made in this area in the past few years have been key to helping Prysmian be ready to meet the subsequent increase in market demand and support its customers in the region.”

In July of last year, Prysmian announced the launch of its new regional headquarters in Soracaba, São Paolo, Brazil in a move to accelerate its integration with General Cable in South America, which will be based at the new site.

The move means that Prysmian is leaving its Santo André facility and integrating both Prysmian and General Cable into the new Sorocaba HQ. Representing an investment of approximately €35 million, the new facility has also ushered in the expansion of Prysmian’s Poços de Caldas production facility.