Colt completes IQ Network densification in London

London network NEW.jpg

Colt Technology Services has confirmed the completion of a fibre densification project in London.

The newly completed build out has added 110km of fibre to the city and comes at the same time as it carries out similar expansions in Eastern Europe, Dublin and Berlin.

Together these projects have created a new 7,000km network connecting more than 10 cities in Eastern Europe with more than 300km of fibre being installed in the London, Dublin and Berlin metros.

“We know that as the world shifts dramatically towards wireless networks, having fibre in the ground becomes increasingly important. Colt has been investing in our owned, high bandwidth network, the Colt IQ Network, for several years now, because we know it’s our most valuable asset,” said Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt Technology Services. “The projects we announced last year in Eastern Europe, Dublin and Berlin, customers are now benefitting from these, and the London expansion sees Colt extending its already impressive fibre footprint in the UK capital. This is particularly exciting for us because we were founded in the City of London some 28 years ago, and since then we’ve seen telecoms truly evolve. We’re happy to say that we’ve prepared the connectivity backbone that is truly ready for the next decade.”

The rapid development of the Colt IQ Network is being driven by customer demand as well as industry trends such as 5G. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index by 2022, 22% of global internet traffic will come from mobile networks, this is up from 12% in 2017.

The company says that the remaining metro densification projects will be completed in the first half of 2020.

At the end of 2019, Colt announced that its Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) service now supports connectivity towards Alibaba Cloud.