NTT Com to launch 9,500 sq m data centre hub in Japan

Data centre hall NEW.jpeg

NTT Communications is set to launch its Osaka data centre hub on December 1, in a bid to expand the company’s data centre capacity in the Kansai region.

The company said the data centre will launch with server space of 3,800 sqm, and will eventually offer 9,500 sqm and 4,200 racks. The facility will be situated in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture.

The data centre will be located in Ibaraki City, which is 30 minutes by public transportation from downtown Osaka and around one hour away from Kyoto or Kobe. The company also added that the data centre is located in an area where flooding is uncommon.

“The carefully chosen location combines easy access with reduced risk of disruption due to disasters such as floods or earthquakes,” said NTT Com in a written statement.

“The data centre will be connected directly to Osaka’s Dojima area, a major interconnection point for ISPs and data centre operators.

“NTT Com’s Arcstar Universal One service for global networks and OCN and Global IP Network services for internet connectivity will be readily available for major cloud service providers, multinational companies and other customers.”


Japan’s data centre business has been growing steadily at around 7% per annum, and the domestic colocation market was valued at around $4.9bn (540 billion JPY) in 2018, according to NTT Com.

NTT Com is not alone when it comes to responding to surging demand in Japan with the launch of a data centre.

This year, MC Digital Realty opened another data centre facility in Japan, and priced a $900m bond offering.

The pair’s facilities will be connected via dark fibre to subsequent phases of the Digital Osaka connected campus, bringing together critical data centre, network, cloud and connectivity providers.

Elsewhere, in May, Colt DCS launches its largest-ever data centre facility in Japan set to be constructed within the Inzai campus forming the last data centre within the campus, which will see the entire site of 30798 sqm reach its build capacity.