Telefónica and AT&T partner on Mexican infrastructure

Movistar ATT Mexico signing.jpg

Telefónica Movistar (Telefónica Mexico) has entered into a last mile wireless capacity access agreement with AT&T in Mexico.

Under the terms of this long-term agreement, Telefónica Mexico gains access to capacity on AT&T’s 3G and 4G access network, as well as any future national access network technologies.

In addition, Telefonica Mexico will maintain its transport network and all of its platforms, without operational or geographical restrictions to meet the needs of its users and services.

"Based on our digital transformation, we are confident that this new approach will make us more agile to provide innovative, simple and transparent solutions that guarantee the best service experience to our customers," said Camilo Aya Caro, president and CEO of Telefonica Movistar in Mexico.

The partnership aims to accelerate the development of the telecoms sector in Mexico by contributing to the government’s goal of bringing better communications and opportunities to the country.

At a time when there is a growing trend of new models that favour increased efficiency and quality of the network as well as accelerating time to market, this collaboration supports increased competition in the sector, by allowing better allocation of resources in a market dominated by a few key players.

The migration of Telefonica Mexico traffic to the AT&T access network will start immediately and will continue to be implemented gradually, maintaining all mobile services to its residential customers, business owners and wholesalers.

Aya Caro joined Telefónica Movistar in September of this year. He entered the role after having spent 16 years in the company’s operation in his native Colombia, were he most recently served as head of business-to-consumer marketing.