CenturyLink goes live with CDN Edge Compute

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CenturyLink is set to deploy a new content delivery network (CDN) platform that allows businesses to create highly-responsive and more secure personalised web applications.

CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute provides developers with a flexible, open module architecture to design, configure and deploy custom web application workloads at the edge.

"Businesses across all industries are looking to quickly create and deploy richer web content which requires an agile IT infrastructure that fosters rapid innovation," said Bill Wohnoutka (pictured), vice president, global internet and content delivery services, CenturyLink. "With CDN Edge Compute, businesses can use a global edge delivery footprint that allows for new web content and capabilities to be pushed to users quickly and easily, and that can scale to support mass audiences and high traffic events."

The new offering gives developers the flexibility to choose software that best suits their need, creating a fully customised edge environment. Web application firewalls (WAFs), bot management and application performance modules run within milliseconds of the end-user, removing bandwidth constraints between end and origin servers.

CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute is powered by technology from edge compute platform, Section.

 "Providing engineers with access to and control of workloads at the edge helps power a better internet by reducing latency and data backhaul, and maintaining a strong security perimeter," added Stewart McGrath, CEO, Section. "We are excited to work with CenturyLink to unlock the wealth of compute power available within massive scale networks."

Using the CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute platform enables the following benefits;

Improved application performance using highly configurable content acceleration; flexible security with a choice of open source security options; Use of a dev/ops native environment; custom workloads; near real-time analytics; and access to a growing global network.   

In April, CenturyLink entered into a global agreement with Stremroot, a provider of peer-to-peer networking solutions, to combine its solution with CenturyLink’s (CDN). The offering, called CenturyLink CDN Mesh Delivery, is a platform that leverages software-based mesh network to manage peak traffic loads.