Bouygues Télécom to build over 100 5G base stations and mini data centres

5G circuit hologram NEW.jpeg

Most mobile wireless masts are mini data centres of one form or another, but the advent of 5G will see their data capacity and data management functionality increase.

Bouygues Télécom has awarded a contract to design, build and maintain over 100 5G base stations and data centres across France. The Marseille-headquartered firm TPF Ingénierie has won a large chunk of the work.

French news site Digital Factory reports a framework contract for the work has been divided between several engineering companies. The three-year project covers over 100 sites.

TPF Ingénierie has already conducted a 5G base station/data centre feasibility study in Marseille for Bouygues Télécom.

The framework contract covers the construction of dedicated buildings on greenfield sites, the integration of data centres into existing buildings and the provision of modular solutions. “We started the first studies in September in several regions including the Marseilles area,” said TPF Ingénierie president William Meynard.

Pierre Biller, managing director in charge of human resources and production at Bouygues Télécom, said site sizes will be varied and would largely use existing fibre routes already in the ground to deliver full connectivity.

The value of the work TPF Ingénierie has won has not been disclosed, but it says it will have 30 staff dedicated to the project across France.

According to analyst house Gartner, in 2020, worldwide 5G wireless network infrastructure revenue will reach $4.2bn, an 89% increase from 2019 revenue of $2.2bn.

Additionally, Gartner forecasts that investments in 5G network infrastructure will account for 6% of the total wireless infrastructure revenue of communications service providers (CSPs) in 2019, and that this figure will reach 12% in 2020.