Enghouse Networks launches new IoT monetisation solution


Enghouse Networks has released a new scalable and flexible monetisation solution to support the complex IoT supply chain.

Traditional billing systems that would require manual processing and solution patch, work fail to support new IoT pricing and business models, partner settlements, and handle data streaming from multiple sources.

Enghouse IoT monetisation solution facilitates channel partner integration and settlement, supports all known contract-based monetisation models, and provides real-time customer and partner insight. Service Providers and Enterprise get to customise product offerings on the go, go beyond traditional billing experiences, and gain the needed flexibility in rating events, based on plans, bundles and campaigns.

Enghouse Networks says that it helps service providers and enterprises monetise IoT services and applications in relationship-driven ecosystems.

Earlier this year, Enghouse released a whitepaper entitled, The Future of Enterprise Grade A2P Messaging & Grey Route Protection.

SMS has been a dependable, ubiquitous communications technology over the past two decades, after rapidly rising to become a preferred messaging method around the world. However, it is no secret that consumer usage has seen a transformation in recent years.

Facebook Messenger have emerged to take its place. As a result, some market observers have been quick to sound warnings around SMS-related revenues.

However, SMS is far from retirement. Forecasts vary, but there is general consensus that while P2P traffic and revenue is trending downwards, a surging opportunity for providing enterprises with robust and reliable application-to-person (A2P) messaging is creating a means to counteract P2P declines.

As such the whitepaper addresses:

  • The downsides

  • Putting up walls

  • Business-focused  Enterprise Grade A2P Messaging

  • Safeguarding your network & subscribers from spam & malicious traffic

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