Customers in four countries get more than 1Gbps on 5G

Customers in four countries get more than 1Gbps on 5G

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Customers in Germany, Romania, Finland and Kuwait all now get speeds higher than 1Gbps on 5G mobile networks, according to research this month.

The is that the top of the table, compiled by research company Opensignal, with a maximum download speed of 1.8Gbps, but is now joined by Australia, Switzerland and South Korea where users also experience speeds over 1 Gigabit per second (see chart).

Networks in other countries have also shown significant rises in speed since Opensignal last surveyed 5G services, in July 2019. Then Opensignal showed that some 4G customers are experiencing faster speeds than those on 5G

Germany has jumped over Spain and the UK, with a maximum speed of 740Mbps. Romania, with 712Mbps, and Finland, with 933 Mbps, enter the charts for the first time ahead of the UK and Spain.

An Opensignal spokeswoman said: “Of the eight countries we analysed in July, only the US has seen no increase in the maximum download speed, likely because these are already so fast. But in the UK, Switzerland and South Korea the increase in maximum speed is under 10%.”

While in most countries there are still small numbers of 5G smartphones, in South Korea there are already over  two million 5G users, noted the company.

In most countries, the maximum speed experienced by 5G smartphone users has increased in the two months since Opensignal last ran this analysis.

Opensignal says it focuses on analysing the true end-to-end network experience of mobile users.

“Our approach means the speeds we measure represent the typical real-world experience of smartphone users,” said the company. “This means other speed tests which use dedicated test servers that are often located very close to a user inside the same operator’s network will inflate speeds compared with Opensignal’s real-world measurement of maximum speed.”