Pureport launches Multicloud Fabric platform on AWS

Pureport launches Multicloud Fabric platform on AWS

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Multicloud networking provider Pureport has announced that its Multicloud Fabric platform now supports connections to AWS Transit Gateway over AWS Direct Connect.

The expanded offering enables enterprises to simplify their network by connecting their global AWS infrastructure over a Purpleport-enabled AWS Direct Connect. Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric platform orchestrates private connectivity to the top public cloud providers.

“The combination of Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric platform and AWS Transit Gateway allows organisations to quickly and easily mesh their on-premises and cloud networks, establishing consistent, low-latency connectivity that is critical for hybrid-cloud topologies,” said Rich Lee (pictured), CEO of Pureport. “Pureport continues to enhance our Multicloud Fabric platform to help enterprises connect and manage their mission-critical AWS workloads, as well as remain aligned to AWS’s evolving best architectural practices. This additional support for AWS Transit Gateway is just another proof point of this evolution.”

Using Pureport’s software-defined platform, enterprises can connect their on-premise networks to an AWS Transit Gateway via IPSec VPN tunnels or from over 150 Pureport-enabled data centres or any other internet-connected locations.

The AWS Transit Gateway service enables customers to connect their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) and their on-premise networks to a single gateway. With AWS Transit Gateway can create a single connection from the central gateway into each Amazon VPC, on-premise data centre or remote office across a network.

Features include automatic connectivity that enables enterprises to connect their sites, data centres and clouds in a full-mesh topology without the need for point-to-point links. Additionally, no additional hardware is needed as it is built into the platform and using the self-service console enterprises can create and manage cloud networks in a matter of minutes. It also features, flexible bandwidth control, IP address conflict resolution and is DevOps Ready.

Last month, CenturyLink confirmed that it’s Private Cloud for VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS will go live in several regions by winter 2019.