Ocean Networks launches new subsea cable venture for research and education

Ocean Networks launches new subsea cable venture for research and education

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Ocean Networks, a subsea cable developer, has announced the formation of a new business unit called Submarine Cable Salvage.

This new division will serve the research & education community by repurposing out of service (OOS) Submarine cable systems for ocean observatories. Additionally, the new unit will also acquire, repurpose and operate the connected observatories to help monitor the world’s oceans.

“Launching this initiative and supporting these communities is very important to Submarine Cable Salvage because of the significant impact it can have on gathering data from the ever-changing ocean environment,” said Scott Schwertfager, CEO, Ocean Networks. “With past tsunami events we can see the importance of monitoring our oceans, not only for disaster mitigation but to capture environmental changes that will help the scientific community combat pollution in our oceans.”

A private investment group focused on disaster mitigation and oceanic preservation will fund the new unit. While its systems gather real-time data to monitor seismic activity for earthquake and tsunami early warning systems. In addition, the systems will monitor the pollution levels in our oceans.

“Pollution detection in our oceans is of critical importance” added Frank DiMaria, EVP of business development at Ocean Networks. “This endeavour not only reduces the carbon footprint caused by the manufacturing of new cables, it also means fewer plastics are introduced into our oceans by repurposing the existing OOS cables”.

Another organisation doing its part to help monitor the Oceans is the Joint Task Force (JTF), which represents the combined efforts of three United Nations agencies (International Telecommunication Union, World Meteorological Organization, and UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission), a group that is working to deploy SMART cables (Scientific Monitoring And Reliable Telecommunications).

Preston Thomas, regulatory and strategy consultant SMART Cables, JTF spoke to Capacity about the benefits of these cables and how the subsea cable industry can work to make it happen.