Digital Realty expands IBM Cloud capabilities in Sydney

Data centre hall NEW.jpeg

Digital Realty has confirmed the availability of expanded access to IBM Cloud in Australia through IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicating Hosting services in Sydney.

The expansion in Sydney is expected to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption for local enterprises and enable them to take the next step in their hybrid cloud journeys.

"We are the first data centre provider to offer IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting, and currently the only data centre provider to offer IBM Direct Link Connect," said Chris Sharp, chief technology officer, Digital Realty. "The flexibility of offering customers multiple options enables them to choose the level of service they need to help meet their specific speed, deployment and location requirements. Combined with Digital Realty's service exchange, customers can also take advantage of on-demand network functionality powered by Megaport."

Customers in the region can now access the IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting service at Digital Realty’s data centre campus on Templar Road in Erskine Park. The 3.5-hecatare site offers a low-latency service that delivers high-speed access to the IBM Cloud in Sydney with speed of up to 10Gbps.

"Today's enterprise is looking for the competitive advantages that a hybrid cloud strategy can offer," added Michael Fork, distinguished engineer & director, offering management, IBM Cloud.  "This means companies need integrated and holistically managed clouds – both on and off premises and across different clouds – with the networking support required for fast, reliable and secure data movement and processing.  Through this expanded offering, Digital Realty is providing their customers with a new on-ramp to the IBM Cloud and our suite of higher value services like AI, blockchain, analytics, IoT and quantum." 

Customers also have access to a number of connectivity options over the Digital Realty global footprint, including IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect, IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated and IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting, in selected Metros. Leveraging IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect, customers can also establish virtual connections.

"We have supported IBM Cloud Direct Link since 2015 to provide our customers with private, secure connections that simplify network topology, future-proof customer solutions, move workloads closer to the cloud and create true hybrid multi-cloud architectures," continued Sharp. "Working with IBM means we are able to solve the complexities of managing workloads across a variety of cloud services and infrastructures."

In March of this year, Neutrona Networks became a IBM Cloud partner offering its enterprise customers access to IBM Cloud’s global network, by IBM Cloud Direct Link to its existing Managed Cloud Connect Services.