Israel’s ministry of finance to roll out uniform fibre prices

Israel’s ministry of finance to roll out uniform fibre prices

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Israel’s ministry of finance has detailed plans to support the deployment of fibre-optic connectivity in the country with the implementation of uniform broadband prices.

According to Globes, Israel business news, the government has required all carriers to sell internet services at the same price across the country, regardless of the technology or infrastructure used. This includes the likes of fibre-optics and copper, which often results in varying speeds of service.

The aim of the policy is to prevent discrimination against the rural areas of the country and provide security for the infrastructure companies – namely Bezeq. Ensuring that its competitors will not be able to discriminate on price in areas that have many carriers and those which Bezeq supplies fibre-optic infrastructure.

The news follows a hearing that took place two weeks ago during which prices for using Bezeq’a fibre-optic infrastructure were set in favour of its competitors. The company was given relaxation in the structure of its internet packages giving certainty as to how it will sell its future services.

These combined efforts are set to stimulate the deployment of Bezeq’s fibre-optic network and initiate plans for promoting fibre connectivity.

In related news, at the start of the year Bezeq was faced with a $3 million fine from Israel’s telecoms regulator over a failure to sell wholesale telephony services to rivals.

In a notice published at the end of 2018, Bezeq said it had been informed by the Israeli Communications Ministry that it is facing a fine for “breach of provisions in connection with implementation of a wholesale telephony service”.

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