Equinix joins AWS programme to provide more cloud connectivity

Equinix joins AWS programme to provide more cloud connectivity

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Equinix is taking part in the launch of a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect service delivery programme.

The global interconnection and data centre firm will use new capabilities from AWS to provide hosted connections of 1G, 2G, 5G and 10G capacities on Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric), which will support its enterprise customers’ hybrid workloads.

Equinix has strengthened its relationship with AWS to provide its customers with hybrid cloud architectures on Platform Equinix, which should result in lower latency and higher bandwidth capacities from the Amazon platform using a private cloud network.

“Companies with latency-sensitive applications and workloads require predictable performance to ensure a consistent, high-quality user experience,” said Kaushik Joshi, Equinix’s global managing director for strategic alliance. “AWS Direct Connect combined with ECX Fabric on the Equinix global interconnection platform is an ideal combination that allows these customers to deploy hybrid cloud architectures and achieve this level of performance and security.”

He added: “By offering dedicated connections and hosted connections with new 1G up to 10G speeds on ECX Fabric, we are enhancing private cloud connectivity for enterprises to help them accelerate their hybrid cloud transformations.”

A range of AWS services will also be available from AWS Direct Connect locations situated in the same metro as Equinix’s customers’ infrastructure.

In March 2019, AWS announced an update to the AWS Direct Connect partner programme, validating hosted connections and dedicated connections as the preferred AWS Direct Connect models.

AWS recommends customers rely on dedicated and hosted connections for sensitive workloads.

“Digital transformation is driving enterprises to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud,” said Jennifer Cooke, research director at IDC, in her market intelligence analysis from the firm. “Key to making this move successful is having the flexibility and scalability advantages of hybrid cloud architectures that enable them to easily move workloads and data between public and private clouds.

“Interconnection is a critical component, providing enterprises with a more secure, higher bandwidth and cost-effective connectivity option to the public cloud versus the public internet,” she added. “Equinix’s ability to provide enterprises, especially those with sensitive workloads, enhanced capabilities to build a hybrid cloud environment enables frictionless migration to the public cloud – and allows enterprises to reap the enormous benefits the cloud has to offer.”

Yesterday Verizon revealed it was deploying a software-defined networking solution to Equinix data centres, which followed the news that Equinix had opened its eleventh data centre in Tokyo.

An interview with Charles Meyers, CEO and president of Equinix, recently featured as the lead article of Capacity’s June/July edition of the magazine.