Verizon deploys software-defined networking solution to Equinix data centres

Victoria Lonker color NEW.jpg

Verizon has launched its Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI), which offers companies with private IP network direct connectivity to 115 global International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres within minutes.

The traditional way of connecting cutomer networks to colocation data centres would involve costly build-outs, long lead times and complex provisioning. The SDI solution uses an automated Application Program Interface (API) to quickly and simply integrate pre-provisioned Verizon Private IP bandwidth via ECX Fabric, removing the need for dedicated physical connectivity.

“SDI is an addition to our best-in-class software-defined suite of services that can deliver performance ‘at the edge’ and support real-time interactions for our customers,” said Vickie Lonker (pictured), vice president of product management and development, Verizon. “Think about how many devices are connected to data centres, the amount of data generated, and then multiply that when 5G becomes ubiquitous. Enabling enterprises to virtually connect to Verizon’s private IP services by coupling our technology with the proven ECX Fabric makes it easy to provision and manage data-intensive network traffic in real time, lifting a key barrier to digital transformation.”

At present, Verizon’s private Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network is seeing high double-digit traffic growth year-over-year, and the adoption of colocation services continues to grow as more businesses figure out complex cloud deployments to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and additional functionality in data management. 

“Verizon’s new SDI addresses one of the leading issues for organisations by improving colocation access. This offer facilitates a reduction in network and connectivity costs for accessing colocation data centres, while promoting agility and innovation for enterprises. This represents a competitive advantage for Verizon as it applies SDN technology to improve interconnecting its Private IP MPLS network globally,” added Courtney Munroe, group vice president at IDC. 

“With Software-Defined Interconnect, a key barrier to digital transformation has been lifted. By allowing enterprises to virtually connect to Verizon’s private IP services using the proven ECX Fabric, SDI makes secure colocation and interconnection easier – and more financially viable – to implement than ever before,” continued Bill Long, vice president, interconnection services at Equinix.