PCCW Global connects 40 ICAO member states to CRV

PCCW Global connects 40 ICAO member states to CRV

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The Office of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and its member states in the Asia-Pacific region have gone live on the PCCW Global’s Common aeRonautical Virtual (CRV) private network.

The news follows a successful pilot that was carried out jointly between a number of member states and PCCW Global at the start of 2019.

“High quality for a network such as the CRV is paramount, and therefore resilience, security, and other features must be engineered at the heart of the CRV,” said Frederick Chui, chief commercial officer, PCCW Global. “Our proven global network infrastructure, extensive industry experience and agile human capital placed PCCW Global in an ideal position to deliver this high-quality application together with its demanding aviation-specific services.

“The CRV even provides for various contingency routing scenarios across our extensive network, ensuring that the service will always be up and running securely. CRV is the network for civil aviation operation that will optimise cost, enhance efficiency, and provide new services to users.”

Historically Regional Aeronautical Network Service Providers (ANSPs) have not shared a common networking infrastructure. As a result, there have been a number of network management and security challenges, difficulties upgrading parts of the network and general inefficiencies.

PCCW Global recently launched a new Console Connect point-of-presence (PoP) at the Tai Seng data centre in Singapore.

PCCW Global is one of the carriers governing the Communications Blockchain Network, which is expected to go live in the coming months, to ensure the blockchain-based, special purpose mechanism becomes a reality.

This news first appeared in the ITW Daily 2019 on June 25.