NTT Ltd reveals global leadership team

NTT Ltd reveals global leadership team

Tsunehisa Okuno and Jason Goodall NTT Ltd.png

Global technology services provider Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) has announced the 19 executives who have formed the global leadership team behind NTT Ltd, its new global company valued at $11 billion.

Launched on 1 July 2019, NTT Ltd. is headquartered in London and brings together 28 companies, including its network management, security and solution services subsidiary NTT Communications (NTT Com), the Johannesburg-based IT services firm Dimension Data and the global cybersecurity branch of the business NTT Security.

NTT Ltd.’s announcement pointed to a new strategy and the “ambitious” objectives of bringing its operating model “to life” as the reason for its newly named chairman Tsunehisa Okuno and global CEO Jason Goodall (pictured left to right) appointing strategically-based NTT Group executives to the positions.

Joining Okuno and Goodall on the NTT Ltd. leadership team is:

  • Senior executive VP, ICT Infrastructure Services, Masaaki Moribayashi;

  • Senior executive VP, Transformation & Platform Services, Bill Padfield;

  • CFO Dave Sherriffs;

  • Chief strategy officer Takanobu Maeda;

  • Chief HR officer Marilyn Chaplin;

  • CIO Neil Louw;

  • CMO Ruth Rowan;

  • CTO Ettienne Reinecke;

  • Chief go-to-market practices officer Paolo Masselli;

  • Chief global strategic solutions officer Naoki Kajita;

  • Chief global business officer Andrew Briggs;

  • CEO, NTT Security, Matthew Gyde;

  • CEO, Australia, Steve Nola;

  • CEO, APAC, John Lombard;

  • CEO, Europe, Andrew Coulsen;

  • CEO, MEA, Grant Bodley;

  • CEO, Americas, Jason Goodall (acting).

The new heads of NTT Ltd. and its departments are in charge of partnerships with more than 10,000 organisations, and over 40,000 employees across 70-plus countries and regions.

Jason Goodall, Global Chief Executive Officer for NTT Ltd. commented: “All of today’s appointees have been selected based on exceptional individual merit. I’m extremely excited about announcing the team to lead NTT Ltd., and we’re very confident about our future.

“We will partner with our clients to do great things every day, enriching the lives of our customers, people and societies across the world. We’re going to build on an already strong foundation of global talent, global brand trust and core NTT values to become a technology services provider that can deliver solutions for our clients’ digital challenges worldwide.”

Earlier this year, NTT Com completed its acquisition of a majority stake in Transatel.