Google, Antel extending Tannat undersea cable to Argentina

Google, Antel extending Tannat undersea cable to Argentina

Google cable Tannat.png

Google and Antel are teaming up to extend the 2,200km Brazil-Uruguay Tannat undersea cable to Argentina in 2020.

Google Argentina announced that the trans-Atlantic Tannat cable, which has been operational since mid-2018 and presently connects Santos, Brazil, to Maldonado, Uruguay, will be extended to the nearby coastal city of Las Toninas in the Buenos Aires province.

This infrastructure project, which will be built by Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), will be ready for service in August 2020 and will have six pairs of fibre, each with a capacity of 18Tbps. Two pairs will be from Antel and the other four will be from Google. The extension will not interrupt the data traffic between Brazil and Uruguay.

"The extension of the Tannat cable marks a new milestone in the technological development of Argentina and will allow us to improve the connectivity of Google's services and products," said Pablo Beramendi, CEO of Google Argentina.

"To fulfil our mission of organising the world's information, making it more accessible and useful for everyone, Google remains at the forefront to enhance the experience of all users in the network.”

The new landing point is located at the mouth of Rio de la Plata and the 400km extension will be rolled out jointly with Uruguayan operator Antel and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN).

The construction of this cable is part of a pledge in January 2018 when Google’s cloud division unveiled its participation in three new subsea cables that will service five new regions as part of a $30 billion infrastructure drive.

"In Google we invest in infrastructure to improve the experience of our users and customers. A more robust network allows us to provide faster and more stable services using our multiple routes,” said Cristian Ramos, manager of infrastructure development of Google.

Tannat is one of the 13 submarine cables that Google has installed in the world. With the Curie and Dunant cables, Google became the first technology company - without being a telecommunications specialist - to build international cables through private financing.

Andrés Tolosa, president of Antel, added: "This investment is part of a joint effort and objective to build the internet structure to meet the current needs of our customers in the region. We are very proud to be part of this great project called Tannat… and this is a great step to extend the Tannat submarine cable, optimising the current technological ecosystem.”