Telecom Egypt and Juniper Networks sign MoU for enterprise transformation

Telecom Egypt and Juniper Networks sign MoU for enterprise transformation

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Telecom Egypt and Juniper Networks have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide IP-based networking solutions to enterprises.

In addition, Telecom Egypt will also have the option to become an authorised resale partner of Juniper’s technology solutions in Egypt.

“The opportunity to agree to a MoU with Juniper and explore the business market potential for transformative networking technology is very exciting for Telecom Egypt as it seeks to pioneer innovation in Egypt,” said Adel Hamed (pictured), managing director & chief executive officer, Telecom Egypt. “Telecom Egypt appreciates the collaboration with Juniper Networks because Juniper’s technology is highly reliable and scalable and it also provides an excellent return on investment. It’s a key partnership for us on the journey to help deliver our strategy toward digital transformation and specifically for Egypt’s enterprises.”

Moreover, Telecom Egypt is also upgrading its network infrastructure to include Juniper Networks’ MX Series 5G universal routing platform, QFX Series data centre Switches and SRX Series next-generation firewalls. In doing so this will create a secure, high-capacity infrastructure from the core and data centres to the network edge and is designed to carry fixed, mobile, voice, and data services traffic for domestic and business connectivity.

“Digital transformation in Egypt is moving at an extremely fast pace, setting an impressive example for other emerging markets to follow,” added Rami Rahim, chief executive officer, Juniper Networks. “Telecom Egypt rightly views network infrastructure as a strategic asset that helps to underpin and shape the country’s economic development, while enabling individual enterprises to differentiate and grow their businesses. Coupled with the high calibre of ICT talent available in Egypt, I am confident that this approach will drive great success. Juniper is extremely proud to be a long-standing partner of Telecom Egypt.”