MIX to expand its PoP in Open Hub Med

MIX to expand its PoP in Open Hub Med

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Milan Internet eXchange (MIX) has announced plans for the expansion of its point of presence (PoP) in the cloud neutral data centre Open Hub Med (OHM) based in Palermo, Sicily.

The OHM data centre covers an approximate area of 1.000sqm, which will be upgraded to a total of 4.000sqm, in an ISO14001 certified factory. Additionally, it will feature security staff onsite with 24/7 controlled access, to offer the best conditions for security and quality.

“Today in OHM we welcome the network terminations of CDNs, cloud providers, digital media providers as well as servers of Italian and foreign companies, all benefiting from having an infrastructure-oriented, technological area which is strategic both on a national and international level for the colocation of IT and TLC resources," said Valeria Rossi, president of the OHM consortium.

MIX is the Italian IXP with approximately 300 members connected. In addition, it has PoPs from North to South Italy and it is a founding partner of the OHM consortium. Together with other 10 members, it has built a data centre just outside the city of Palermo. Live since 2017, OHM is a carrier and cloud neutral data centre connected to some of the major subsea cables in the Mediterranean including MENA, SEA-ME-WE 5 and AAE-1.

Additionally, OHM also provides a multivendor transit and transport environment, with low latency for a better user experience and reduced transport costs to reach Northern Italy and EU.

In March 2018, MIX and Open Hub Med expanded its data centre with a second room.