DataGryd & maincubes ink data centre solutions deal

Thomas Brown DataGryd NEW.jpg

DataGryd and maincubes are collaborating to enable cross Atlantic data centre capabilities.

The collaboration offers customers of both data centre operations a wider geographic coverage featuring flexibility, low-cost connectivity options, 100% SLAs to name a few. 

“DataGryd and maincubes share a commitment to quality, availability, data protection and security while providing outstanding value for our customers,” said Tom Brown (pictured), president and CEO of DataGryd. “This partnership will forge deeper data centre and connectivity opportunities between Europe and North America and facilitate increased global reach for our customers.

DataGryd's New York City facility, located at 60 Hudson Street carrier-hotel, is the largest available data centre space in Lower Manhattan, serving customers with a minimum commitment of 250kW up to 5MW. The location is currently in the midst of constructing MegaSuite 6, a secure data suite, that is expected to be completed by the end of Q2 2019 and will offer up to 1MW of IT power with access to direct feeds of up to 5MW.

”The partnership offers customers of both data centres a broadened geographic coverage featuring flexibility, low-cost connectivity and 100% SLAs.“This alignment is a strong partnership,” added Oliver Mentzel, CEO of maincubes. " Their 60 Hudson Street data center in New York offers multi-floor colocation space. So does our data centre in Frankfurt, Germany. Their New York facility features an energy-efficient data center design and our data centres in Europe, in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, are also designed for the highest energy-efficiency rates. Besides that, our combined data centres at both sides of the pond feature the highest, enterprise-grade availability and security levels. Security, availability and reliability, but also energy-efficiency were actually key criteria for Daimler AG when selecting maincubes FRA01 for housing their IoT focused server infrastructure.”

While maincubes is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, and has data centre facilities in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The Frankfurt facility, FRA01, is a greenfield location, offering tenants 4,200sqm with 6MW IT. The Amsterdam facility, AMS01, has recently undergone a significant upgrade and modernization, providing 4,400sqm and 4.7MW of IT power.