Bulk opens up its Nordic doors

Bulk opens up its Nordic doors

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Bulk Infrastructure AS has launched its Nordic Gateway.

The firm, which focuses on sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics, has introduced the Nordic Gateway as an on-ramp solution into the Havfrue Cable System ⁠— a 7,200 kilometre link from New Jersey to Denmark and Norway. 

Peder Naerboe (pictured), owner and chairman at Bulk Infrastructure AS, stated: “Bulk Infrastructure is committed to enable the great potential that the Nordic region has to offer as an attractive platform for cost efficient and sustainable digital services.  

“Therefore, we introduce The Nordic Gateway, an on-ramp solution accessing fiber networks that unlocks the sustainable Nordic region´s natural resources.”  

With exclusive ownership to the Norwegian branch of the cable system, Bulk controls six routes in the system between the US, Ireland, Denmark and Norway.  

“We believe The Nordic Gateway unlocks one of the few genuinely sustainable solutions in the data center industry today. With this solution, the data center industry can utilize 100% pure emissions-free hydropower from the Nordic countries,” added Naerboe.  

Bulk has chosen NJFX in Wall, NJ as the US on-ramp location for the Nordic Gateway, which Naerboe has described as a “model for an evolved cable landing station” due to both its direct access to subsea systems and data center capabilities at the landing point.  

The Havfrue cable system, which is expected to be fully operational in Q4 2019, is the first link to cross the North-Atlantic Ocean in more than two decades and will enable significant inter-regional capacity and connectivity between the US and Europe.