Extreme Networks adds AI and machine learning to security app

Extreme Networks adds AI and machine learning to security app

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Extreme Networks has introduced a new internet of things (IoT) security and automated threat mitigation application for digital enterprises using software-defined networks.

ExtremeAI Security is set to be available in October 2019, and is described by Extreme Networks as “a new class of network security”.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, ExtremeAI Security can perform real-time monitoring of behavioural anomalies and stop malicious traffic from harming enterprise networks and IoT devices.

“The ability to stop cyberattacks from moving across networks is an absolute necessity to prevent the types of data breaches that can dramatically harm a business,” commented Abby Strong, VP of product marketing, Extreme Networks.

“Extreme's advancements in both security and machine learning will bring added peace of mind and a much-needed extra layer of security for our customers."

ExtremeAI Security’s fully-automated containment of suspicious devices and traffic operates without manual intervention, preventing attacks from moving across the network while also using threat intelligence feeds to enable automatic threat mitigation and remediation.

"The irony of cybersecurity today is that many organisations continue to rely on traditional, perimeter-based defenses, despite ever more sophisticated attacks,” stated Volker Kull, CTO, BELL Computer-Netzwerke GmbH, which is a partner of Extreme.

“This is a deceptive security that we must counteract with intelligent technologies. Extreme Networks is at the forefront of a new era of security, offering comprehensive network visibility, traffic analysis and artificial intelligence.”

Extreme's traffic analytics and visibility capabilities are also embedded in ExtremeAI.

"In the past, we looked at tools that promise to provide visibility into data traffic and pinpoint anomalies,” said Fritz Buetikofer, senior IT manager, University of Bern.

“In beta tests with ExtremeAI Security, it was immediately clear that Extreme is delivering an outstanding integration of analytics and anomaly detection – as well as device profiling – through the deep integration of its software and hardware capabilities.

“Even in this very early stage, its easy-to-use dashboard provides us with very precise information about incidents in every 'marked' component of our network infrastructure."

A partnership between Tata Communications and Cisco is also allowing enterprises to improve security through a customised and secure multi-cloud native hybrid network.

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