South African ISP joins Angola Cables’ Fortaleza data centre

South African ISP joins Angola Cables’ Fortaleza data centre

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South African Internet Service Provider (ISP) Cool Ideas has signed an agreement with Angola Cables to colocate at the company’s data centre in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Angola Cables launched the facility back in April; the Tier III data centre will support growing demand in content data transmission in the Southern hemisphere.

According to a statement from the company, the interconnection point will enable African entities to develop and expand their businesses in Brazil, Latin America and the USA via the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) and Monet subsea cables.

"The configurations of our sub-sea cable network comprising SACS, MONET and WACS and the upgrade of our data centre provides a reliable platform for operators to extend their IP ecosystems and services to international markets,” said António Nunes, chief executive officer of Angola Cables. “This is also opening up extensive opportunities to develop content partnerships and the efficient exchange of data that will have a profound effect on societies and emerging markets seeking to engage and prosper in the global digital economy."

Through the partnership, Cool Ideas has been using capacity of the SACS trans-Atlantic cable to offer customers “a direct, high-speed, ultra-low latency fibre-optic connection” to hubs in Fortaleza and Miami.

"Besides our growing requirement for international bandwidth, the ultra-low latency via the direct trace routes SACS Cable gives us a faster and more efficient routing for our internet traffic to Latin America and onwards to markets and regional content and service providers in the US via the Monet cable link-up," said Andre Jooste, director and founder of Cool Ideas. "The partnership with Angola Cables suits our business goals and aspirations as we have access to their secure infrastructure and services, it helps us to reduce costs whilst offering scalability, continuous connectivity," he added.

In February, Angola Cables’ cable landing station (CLS) in Fortaleza, Brazil was awarded a Tier III certification by the Uptime Institute.

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