Huawei and Orange Spain collaborate to build a 5G-ready FMC IDN
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Huawei and Orange Spain collaborate to build a 5G-ready FMC IDN

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Orange Spain has collaborated with Huawei to build a 5G-ready fixed mobile convergence (FMC) intent-driven network (IDN).

Orange has upgraded its existing network by supporting 100GE at the aggregation and core layer and 10GE/50GE at the access layer. It will also embrace new technology solutions (SRv6+EVPN) and will cooperate with Huawei to have the most advanced IP network with E2E SDN control.

These developments provide intelligent O&M and help Orange Spain to build an integrated and convergent transport network with unified protocol, architecture, and management and control.

Traditionally, Orange Spain provided two networks with little integration: a mobile transport network and a home broadband network. The network architecture was complex, and so the operation of it.

In addition, traditional operator networks use passive manual activities, traditional network management system (NMS), which relies heavily on device alarms and not the final customer service quality.

In this context, new technologies such as telemetry and AI, will be key to improve network operations efficiency to more proactive customer (experience) centric operations.

In 2018-19, Orange Spain’s mobile transport network was upgraded at the core and aggregation layer to support 50GE/100GE and used ATN 910Cs at the access layer to provide 10GE/25GE access and 10GE/50GE uplink capabilities, meeting FMC’s long-term bandwidth evolution needs.

Over the next two years, the network will evolve to support E2E SRv6+EVPN, making things simple, scalable, and flexible. In addition, the traditional NMS will evolve to NCE, which is used to achieve E2E network SLA visualization.

Additionally, NCE allows automatic network element configuration, providing closed-loop management throughout the lifecycle, which paves the way for the efficient deployment of nearly 10,000 new network elements in the future. The zero touch provisioning (ZTP) model design of NCE reduces the number of parameters from more than 100 to about 10, shortening the service provisioning time.

With its strategy of converged transport and Huawei’s 5G transport solution, Orange Spain is using 50GE cost-effective networking to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. Based on the programmable NP architecture, devices can be smoothly evolved to SRv6 to simplify network protocols and O&M. The use of NCE realizes SLA visualization, reduces opex, and shortens the time to market. Huawei will continue to work closely with Orange Spain to accelerate the industry digital transformation through 5G and build a future-oriented FMC IDN.

MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2019 runs from 9 to 12 April in Paris. Huawei is showcasing its IP products and solutions at booth 101. For more information, please visit us.