phoenixNAP expands into three new data centre locations

Data centre white cabinets NEW.jpg

phoenixNAP, a global IT services provider, has announced the addition of three new locations to its global data centre network.

The additional data centres in the US, Europe and Australia will support phoenix’s ability to deliver resilient, high-performance services globally while at the same time reducing latency and transit costs.

"The organisations we work with continually grow, requiring greater geographical diversity with local access points," said Ian McClarty, president of phoenixNAP. "Following their needs and business development goals, we have recently added three new global locations and we will continue to add more in months to come. The data centres in Poland, Spain, and Australia will support the local deployment needs of our customers and provide them with better connectivity, redundancy, network performance and carrier choice.”

The company launched nodes in Chicago, Seattle, and Frankfurt in mid-2018. Over the last few months, the company has added nodes in Warsaw, Poland; Madrid, Spain; and Sydney, Australia, significantly strengthening its presence in Europe and Australia.

"Our recent expansion brings us closer to our vision of offering truly global data centre services,” said Danny Fuentes, director of information systems and network operations at phoenixNAP. “Understanding that today’s organisations increasingly require geographically distributed data centre services, we are committed to providing them with adequate deployment options. Whether it is colocation, hybrid cloud, managed data centre, or dedicated server, we have the network coverage to provide them with global reach.”

As a global data centre provider, phoenixNAP offer maximum uptime and availability with 2.35Tbps of connectivity across data centres. Its colocation, cloud solutions, dedicated servers and managed data centre services are offered on an operating expenditure model.

In other regional news, EdgeConneX has entered into an agreement to extend Hurricane Electric’s IP network across 10 of its markets in North America. These include deployments in Santa Clara, Seattle, Atlanta, Toronto, Nashville, Detroit, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.