i3forum ranks up to 24 with NetNumber

i3forum ranks up to 24 with NetNumber


NetNumber has become the 24th member of the i3forum and the second new member to be added in Q1 2019.

NetNumber, a provider of platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks, has joined the i3forum as an observer member. The company will collaborate with 23 other carriers and vendors within the not-for-profit industry body, which brings together the international carrier ecosystem to enable and accelerate transformation.

The company has joined i3forum in order to share its perspective on topics, such as: signalling security and fraud prevention, data for global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice and messaging, subscriber data management; and virtualised signalling network infrastructure for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and All-G networks. 

“We welcome NetNumber to the i3forum and look forward to benefitting from its unique experience and insights. It has been a regular attendee at our i3forum meetings over the years and we’re happy to see it become a member,” said Philippe Millet, chairman of i3forum (pictured).

“The i3forum continues to add new and diverse organisations to its membership and this will benefit the entire carrier community. Each voice adds something different to the conversation and pushes our initiatives forward.”

NetNumber becomes the second member to join the i3forum in Q1 2019 and will contribute to work group discussions in order to drive innovation and transformation in the industry. New members to the i3forum learn, collaborate and create recommendations that will have a lasting impact on the entire ecosystem.

As announced late last year, i3forum has plans to build a global database of telecoms traffic bringing a number of benefits to both members and non-members of i3forum. It is also hoping to create a global numbering database in a further effort to prevent fraud in telecoms.

As an observer member, NetNumber will contribute to the i3forum’s workgroups and collaborate with carriers to solve some of the industry’s most pressing challenges regarding network modernization and transformation. 

“i3forum gives us an opportunity to directly share our experience in signalling and routing as well as data services while learning about the challenges carriers face in today’s market. We believe collaboration across the carrier industry accelerates problem solving and will benefit our carriers, vendors and the entire global ecosystem,” added Kim Gibbons, chief marketing officer at NetNumber.

“This is an opportunity for NetNumber to contribute to the international carrier community and collaborate on solutions that will shape the future of our industry.” 

Capacity announced at Capacity Middle East 2019 that Saudi Telecom Company (STC) joined the organisation as a full member.