UPX Technologies launches BGP traffic monitoring solution

UPX Technologies launches BGP traffic monitoring solution

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UPX Technologies, a Brazilian digital security and performance company, has launched its Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Monitor solution to help increase network security.

Showcased during Capacity LATAM 2019, the new tool has been designed specifically for the global autonomous systems (AS) community and will enable users to detect IP hijacking and help to identify route and prefix changes, allowing the assessment of fraud risks and the avoidance of performance degradation, downtime and lost revenue.

“We created the BGP Monitor to provide a clear overview of AS routes and a more streamlined perspective of global IP announcement, because we realised the market lacked a fully-fledged tool that included real-time IP announcing traffic engineering and hijack monitoring available via a single platform,” said Bruno Prado, CEO and president of UPX Technologies.

The UPX BGP Monitor it currently in the beta stage, but will be available to anyone interested in testing it and providing feedback to support development. In addition to the BGP Monitor, UPX will also unveil other products in its cloud network security range, which has been designed to protect networks and mitigate DDoS attacks.

“The BGP Monitor offers a wider view of traffic routes using collectors that analyse routes on the world's main IX (traffic exchange points). Each AS can register its IP prefixes and upstream providers via a user-friendly interface and define their IP announcement expectations. If anything untoward occurs, the incident will be reported on the dashboard in real time and the client receives an immediate alert via email,” added Prado.