Epsilon interconnects with NL-ix to expand European peering footprint

Epsilon interconnects with NL-ix to expand European peering footprint

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Epsilon has partnered with NL-ix, a pan-European interconnect exchange to, to provide on-demand access to its Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

Users of Infiny, Epsilon’s on-demand connectivity platform, will get a simple, cost-effective and secure way to peer with NL-ix members across Europe.

“NL-ix makes a fantastic addition to our global interconnect fabric and gives our partners increased choice when peering in Europe from anywhere on our global network,” said Jerzy Szlosarek (pictured), CEO at Epsilon. “The integration of our on-demand network with NL-ix provides our partners with peering access from global hubs like London, Frankfurt and Paris. We are constantly growing our ecosystem with new IXs to deliver the full benefit of peering remotely from a single platform.”

The news aligns itself with NL-ix goal to grow its local internet exchanges (IXs) in the Northwestern European region. The collaboration with Epsilon will enable more peering partners to reach its IXPs from around the world adding to its existing ecosystem.

“Our focus on key growth regions is paying off. We are now the largest Internet Exchange in Copenhagen and Rotterdam and the number two in Amsterdam, Brussels, Marseille and Paris,” added Jan Hoogenboom, founder of NL-ix. “For other regions, partnering with an advanced provider like Epsilon is the way ahead for our customers. It will be great to see more networks present at our exchanges and new peering options available for our members.”

Epsilon’s IX Connect directly connects users to IX’s and offers diverse peering capabilities. As a result, service providers no longer have to be physically present at the IX and can use Infiny to connect them to various IXs from a single platform.

As well as being a flexible and cost-effective solution to interconnect with IXPs, the solution also enables service providers to remotely peer at IXs across the globe and enhance their offering for end users.