Tata names Sumeet Walia as new chief sales and marketing officer

Tata names Sumeet Walia as new chief sales and marketing officer

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Tata Communications has appointed Sumeet Walia as its new chief sales and marketing officer.

In the newly appointed role, Walia will lead and align the global sales and marketing functions around the company’s go-to-market strategy to drive business growth in all markets worldwide.

“Sumeet is an accomplished business leader who has the ability to continuously adapt and understand the dynamic business environment in which we operate with a proven track record,” said  Vinod Kumar, managing director and CEO, Tata Communications. “With his understanding of our business, industry and culture, I am confident that Sumeet will successfully lead the market efforts as we drive growth and greater momentum for our customers and partners.”

Walia has over 20-years’ experience in the telecoms sector and has held a number of leadership positions within the Tata group. His most recent post was that of head of enterprise and carrier services for the company.

Capacity interviewed Walia for the February/March issue of Capacity magazine, where he explained how the company is moving the business into new areas.

Walia started at Tata Internet Services in 2002, when he saw the group buy the Indian government’s international telecoms company, VSNL, and transform it with the addition of companies such as Tyco Global Network in 2004 and Teleglobe in 2005.

Walia moved from the former VSNL when it was acquired by the Tata Group back in 2002, as did others from Tata Internet Services.

“Since 2002 I’ve had multiple roles in the market.” And Tata Communications and the market have changed too. “As a company we have been shedding skins and acquiring new ones,” said Wali during his interview with Capacity.

Throughout his time at Tata, Walia has been described as being instrumental in shaping the company’s data business and growing and maintaining the company’s leadership position in India.