Digitalk Carrier Cloud launches bilateral agreement module in Carrier Cloud R5.5

Digitalk Carrier Cloud launches bilateral agreement module in Carrier Cloud R5.5

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Digitalk Carrier Cloud, a provider of cloud-based communications platform as-as-service, has announced the release of its Carrier Cloud R5.5 including a bilateral agreement module.

The latest release enables automated planning for wholesale voice bilateral agreements and complete tracking, which ensures full control and business intelligence.

The current process of creating, executing and managing bilateral agreements is time consuming. The R5.5 release of Digitalk Carrier Cloud solves this. As well as allowing the planning and the automatic calculation of profitability, once an agreement is in place the module offers a range of automated management tools.

“Creating and managing bilateral agreements is complex and time consuming, but essential. They need to be accurately delivered and must be monitored to ensure each party meets their targets,” said Neil French, CTO of Digitalk. “Our new bilateral agreements module takes the hassle from this process, reducing risk and optimising efficiency, maximising the success of new agreements while boosting business returns.”

The new module is one of a host of new features included within the new release, all of which is geared towards optimising efficiency for the end-user. The new module is automatically available to all Digitalk customers on the platform.

“Simplifying the process of establishing and managing new bilateral agreements helps drive operational efficiencies for our business,” said Marco D’Aurelio, CEO of Golem Communications, an Italian wholesale carrier. “The new feature allows better visibility of risk in planning agreements and gives us the ability to react sooner to shortfalls in minutes, freeing up resources and enabling our business to focus on growth.”

“Carrier Cloud customers benefit from a continuous programme of enhancements, through which new features are regularly made available to all,” added French. “We are completely focused on optimising efficiency for our customers, helping them to secure greater profit and to reduce costs.”