Ciena launches WaveLogic 5 supporting the content economy

Fibre cables.jpeg

Ciena has launched its latest offering in coherent optics with WaveLogic 5, a technology that supports greater scale, programmability and intelligence from network edge to core.

WaveLogic 5 meets customer demands for stability as cloud, IoT, video, 5G, Fiber Deep and edge computing creates increasing network instability. Through a number of coherent solutions for improved network economics, reach, cost, power and footprint, Ciena says that it is directly addressing these needs.

“An important part of Ciena’s success has always been our ability to anticipate market trends and strategically invest and out-innovate the competition to solve our customers business problems,” said Scott McFeely, senior vice president of global products and services, Ciena. “WaveLogic 5 is another example of that leadership ability at work, underpinned by the financial strength, global scale and superior engineering expertise that affords us the confidence in continuing to deliver as promised on our forward roadmap commitments.”

The technology will be delivered via two solutions: WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) and WaveLogic 5 Nano (WL5n). WL5e offers up to 800G of tuneable bandwidth, significantly more efficient than 600G solutions and allows customers to take advantage of the soon to be introduced 400G interfaces in the data centre. While WL5n allows customers to choose the best option for meeting network architecture requirements for certain applications based on specific space, power and operational requirements.

“With WaveLogic 5 Ciena continues to push the boundaries of coherent optics and create a solution that will help reduce cost per bit and speed up our ability to turn up services more efficiently,” said Neil McRae, chief architect, BT. “This is critical in today’s highly competitive environment driven by our customers’ relentless demand for greater connectivity and bandwidth-consuming services.”

Both WaveLogic 5 solutions will begin to become available in the second half of 2019. WL5e and WL5n technology will be offered across Ciena’s converged packet optical and packet networking portfolios, as well as available for use in third-party equipment via Ciena’s Optical Microsystems portfolio.