Prysmian to build €50m subsea cable for GTD

Chile map NEW_ec26ca.jpeg

Prysmian Group has won the contracts to build a turnkey repeaterless submarine cable system for Gtd Teleductos S.A, in Chile.

The deal worth approximately €50 million will connect the entire Chilean coastline starting from Arica all the way down to Puerto Montt. The news also marks the first deal to be secured through the groups submarine telecoms division since it was integrated through the acquisition of General Cable.  

“This contract represents a significant milestone for Prysmian Group as it is the first submarine telecom interconnection project obtained after the acquisition of General Cable. It marks Prysmian’s return to this business,” said Hakan Ozmen, executive vice president project business unit, Prysmian Group. “This project is a further proof of the excellent quality of our cables. It not only confirms that Prysmian Group is a preferred partner of choice for submarine projects, but also that it is committed to supporting the development of innovative network infrastructures worldwide.”

Prysmian will design, supply and install more than 3,550km of repeaterless fibre-optic submarine cable, supplied as 11 cable segments at varying lengths, ranging from 135km to more than 400km. The cables will be produced at Prysmian’s production facility in Nordenham, Germany, which also became part of the group as a result of the recent acquisition of General Cable.

“We are honoured to work with the Chilean Grupo Gtd for the third time, added Ashutosh Bhargava, submarine telecom business unit director, Prysmian Group. “This new project confirms once again the trust Grupo Gtd places in Prysmian to deliver high-quality submarine projects. Thanks to its cutting-edge submarine cable products and highly experienced team, Prysmian can provide the most efficient and cost-effective turnkey solutions to its global customers.”

Delivery of cables is scheduled for December 2019, while the entire system, tentatively dubbed Prat according to Telegeography’s submarine cable map, has a RSF date of 2020.