AMS-IX reaches 6.3Tbps in throughput

AMS-IX reaches 6.3Tbps in throughput

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AMS-IX, Amsterdam’s internet exchange, broke through the 6Tbps traffic barrier peaking at 6.3Tbps earlier this month.

“This growth combined with our newly announced 2019 prices makes AMS-IX one of the most cost-effective technical platforms for networks to exchange internet traffic,” said Peter van Burgel, CEO of AMS-IX. “It is great to see that these developments result into new traffic peaks.”

AMS-IX experienced increased growth throughout 2018. The company saw a 20% increase of connected capacity and an uptake of 35% of 100GE ports. Resulting in bigger port capacity between different networks, allowing more traffic to be exchanged over its platform.

At the start of the year, AMS-IX collaborated with IX Reach to expand their partnership into India to offer a wider range of connectivity options.

The deal will bring “robust and resilient connectivity” into AMS-IX’s internet exchange in Mumbai, the company said.


“Offering remote peering solutions into AMS-IX India is not only an exciting move for IX Reach, but it marks the start of an exciting new period,” said Simon Vye, CEO at IX Reach.

Towards the latter end of 2018, AMS-IX also upgraded its EasyAccess service from its original 25 locations to 175. In addition to the 14-colocation sites in the Amsterdam metro area, where AMS-IX has its PoP, the new EasyAccess sites have been developed with existing partners and customers.  

“The goal of our EasyAccess service is to remove barriers to connect to AMS-IX Amsterdam and make it as easy as possible for our customers to connect to us remotely from more than 175 locations,” said Aleksandar Mitrov, product manager at AMS-IX.