Verizon launches direct connections to Alibaba Cloud

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Verizon has boosted its cloud offering by expanding its Secure Cloud Interconnect service to allow customers private connections to Alibaba Cloud.

Verizon’s customers with operations in the Asia-Pacific region, or those looking to expand there, can now establish a secure and direct connection using MPLS to Alibaba, which offers one of the world’s fastest growing cloud service providers.

According to respective company filings, Alibaba Cloud is the sixth biggest provider by revenue. In terms of cloud infrastructure, it is fifth, behind Amazon, who is way out in front, Microsoft, Google and IBM, according to Synergy Research Group figures. Notably, Alibaba’s growth rate surpassed the overall market growth rate, meaning it is increasing its share.

By adding Alibaba Cloud to its Singapore and Hong Kong offering, Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect service now offers direct connectivity to 10 providers, covering 72 locations.

Secure Cloud Interconnect is part of Verizon’s Software Defined and Virtual Services platform, which allows users to turn up services within minutes of a valid order submission. This can help enterprises to significantly reduce their cloud connection deployment time.

Overall, Verizon manages more than 500,000 network, hosting and security devices and over 4,000 networks across 150 countries.

“In the past, organizations had to connect with multiple cloud service providers through the public Internet, which meant less control and visibility over policies and security measures,” commented Vickie Lonker, vice president of product management and development at Verizon.

“Today, via Secure Cloud Interconnect, organizations have the freedom and flexibility to quickly establish and manage workloads with leading cloud service providers through a consumption-based connectivity service with end to end visibility and control. This allows customers to deploy new applications and services faster than ever before. We are happy to help our customers who have chosen to use Alibaba Cloud to make that connection via private networking.”