Puerto Rico’s AeroNet launches 100% fibre-optic-based service

Gino Villarini.jpg

AeroNet has launched a 100% fibre-optic-based business connectivity service, named AeroFiber.

The news follow’s the company’s January completion of 100G upgrades to its entire backbone network. AeroFiber is aimed at further improving its already robust network with additional bandwidth, improved reliability, and faster speeds.

“AeroFiber is the new fibre internet for businesses that want and need a robust and hyper-fast connection to the world. Connectivity means business, and AeroFiber delivers the fastest, most reliable and most affordable connection for B2B in Puerto Rico,” explained Gino Villarini, founder and president of AeroNet (pictured).

AeroFiber says it is “a dedicated internet connectivity solution for businesses and enterprises that are looking for a high-performance network that does not compromise on speed, reliability or price”. Through its end-to-end fibre-optic network, AeroNet has managed to make AeroFiber an attractive choice for businesses that are looking for a simple, hyper-fast and reliable solution.

The service is available at up to a 100Gbps, or 100,000Mbps, which is 1,000 times faster than the typical business offering in the market. AeroFiber services are being launched with initial plans of 250, 500 and 1,000Mbps at a disruptive pricing structure that equals up to 75% in cost savings for the end user when compared to similar solutions in the market.

“AeroNet takes another step into being in the forefront of technology by investing in Puerto Rico and in the latest fibre-optic technology to serve our customers. Our Miami node will allow us the flexibility to provide new services including direct cloud connectivity. Innovation is on the top of our to-do list, and by completing these two milestones we can solidify and expand our network and product offerings”, added Villarini.

The recent backbone network upgrades to 100G and the new IP node in Equinix’s NAP of The Americas in Miami allows AeroNet to solidify and expand its network and product offerings, as well as support the current and future bandwidth and connectivity needs of its customers.

In the current digital ecosystem, businesses are moving towards cloud apps and the growing demand for reliable, high-quality internet is more critical than ever.