Angola Cables Fortaleza CLS achieves Tier III certification

monet subsea cable.jpg

Angola Cables’ cable landing station (CLS) in Fortaleza, Brazil has earned Tier III certification by the Uptime Institute.

The ranking acknowledges the operational efficiency of the infrastructure and facilities constructed as of December 2018.

“Certifications like the one granted to Angola Cables Monet Landing Station by the Uptime Institute puts our infrastructures at a level of excellence and customer service quality that we can be proud of,” said António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables.

The CLS went into construction in early 2017 to accommodate Angola Cable’s Monet cable, which connects Boca Raton in Florida in the USA to Fortaleza and Santos in Brazil.

The 10,556km Monet cable went live in May 2018 and is owned by Angola Cables along with Algar Telecom, Antel and Alphabet. The system features 6-fibre-pair cable and optical transmission technologies, with an initial design capacity of greater than or equal to 64Tbps.

It also gives us qualified assurances that we are a step closer to realising our ambitions of providing mission critical Angonap Data Centers that will attract digital companies seeking lower latency connections with a greater capacity for data transmission and data storage - all within a reliable and highly stable environment,” added Nunes.

The facility meets the need of a certified landing station and is the first Tier III facility to be built in the region to support a subsea cable and its backhaul, reducing points of failure and ensure uptime.

Most recently, Angola Cables entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Broadband Infraco to improve internet connectivity in Africa. Under the terms of the agreement, the Angola Cables’ international network linked to the terrestrial Broadband Infraco network.