Orange buys SecureData to expand cyber security business

Orange buys SecureData to expand cyber security business

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Orange has expanded the scope of its cyber security operations by buying a UK group, SecureData, to merge with its existing Orange Cyberdefense.

SecureData is the largest independent cybersecurity service provider in the UK, the largest market in Europe, said Orange.

Orange, which has not said how much it is paying, will incorporate the unit into the former Atheos, which the company bought five years ago and renamed Orange Cyberdefense. It is still run by the founder, Michel Van Den Berghe (pictured).

“We are very proud and happy to announce the acquisition of SecureData, which will mark a major milestone in Orange’s development in Europe’s cybersecurity market,” said Hugues Foulon, Orange’s executive director of strategy and cybersecurity activities.

He added: “SecureData, just like Orange Cyberdefense, has successfully made the transition toward managed security services, and shares the same passion for cyber.”

Now, Orange plans to “progressively co-build together the operational and commercial synergies”, under Van Den Berghe’s leadership, said Foulon.

“Cybersecurity has become a critical element for both large and small companies as they evolve in an increasing digital-reliant world. We are convinced that the combined expertise of Orange Cyberdefense and SecureData will provide a powerful resource for our customers in ensuring the protection of their valuable data.”

SecureData, with 220 employees and annual revenues of €50 million, is 25 years old and has four offices in the UK plus two in South Africa. It has what Orange describes as an “elite consulting arm, SensePost”, which “enjoys a worldwide reputation for its expertise in cyber-criminality, security research and penetration testing”.

Orange said it “is well-positioned on the strategically-key British and Anglophone cybersecurity market”.

The company added: “SecureData also boasts an advanced cyber-SOC (security operations centre) in the UK that will reinforce Orange Cyberdefense’s international reach by building upon the existing network of nine cyber-SOCs dedicated to monitoring and responding to security breaches on behalf of its customers.”

SecureData executive chairman Ian Brown, who has been with the company since mid-2016, declared himself “thrilled and excited” by the Orange Cyberdefense acquisition. “Both organisations share the same vision and aspiration for the cybersecurity market, and have many complementary services and skills,” he said. “By being part of Orange we will be able to better serve the international needs of many of our existing customers as well as providing enhanced cyber services to Orange customers with the UK.”