Broadstaff appoints Carrie Charles as CEO

Carrie Charles.jpg

BroadStaff, a staffing firm that specialises in the wireless telecommunications industry, has appointed Carrie Charles as chief executive officer.

In this role, Charles will carry out a four-pronged plan for organisational advancement throughout 2019, focusing on growth, culture, recruitment, and philanthropy.

  • Growth:BroadStaff has an aggressive growth plan for 2019, including a move in February to a new, larger space. The organisation plans to grow its team, adding recruiters, account managers, and business development executives to expand the business further into Western and Central US;

  • Culture:As companies face one of the most severe talent shortages in the history of the telecommunications industry, BroadStaff plans to develop a customer-focused culture, working as an advisor to clients to help them thrive in the current job market, stay ahead of industry trends, and adopt new strategies to attract and retain top talent;

  • Recruitment:BroadStaff will work to provide candidates with every opportunity to be successful in their career pursuits. The BroadStaff recruitment team will continue to have access to training, development, and daily inspiration that will fuel their desire to provide an outstanding candidate experience; and

  • Philanthropy:Throughout 2019, BroadStaff plans to create initiatives that give to causes that employees support.  The company will also support organisations that grow and develop the telecom workforce in the US.

Charles, who began her career serving her country as a telecommunications specialist in the United States Marine Corps, has more than two decades of experience helping thousands of individuals grow personally and professionally and assisting large organisations in their efforts to attract, retain, and develop high-quality employees.

“As CEO at BroadStaff, I look forward to furthering our mission to provide telecommunications organisations with the necessary resources to build and evolve the communications infrastructure needed for the technology of the future,” said Charles.

“The tech and telecom skills gap is a rising epidemic, and we, as an industry, need to attract and train new talent while making retention a high priority. BroadStaff is 100 percent committed to helping managers, companies, and candidates thrive in this challenging talent landscape.”