DataGryd to build MegaSuite 6 at Hudson Street carrier hotel

60 Hudson Street Datagryd.jpg

New York-based DataGryd is set to build MegaSuite 6, a high-density and high-performance data centre suite, at the 60 Hudson Street facility.

MegaSuite 6 is designed to meet the increasing demand for data processing and data storage, providing customers with a secure, reliable infrastructure while supporting global networking requirements. The high-power data centre offering cost-effective megawatt configurations, is housed in the largest single-footprint data centre space available in New York City.

“Located in the heart of New York City's most concentrated hub of global data network connectivity, DataGryd’s 60 Hudson Street is an iconic carrier hotel where we offer companies access to over 100,000 sq ft of high density and reliable infrastructure,” said Tom Brown, president and CEO of DataGryd.

“MegaSuite 6 will be ready for customers in the second quarter of 2019 to support their global networking requirements.”

The facility features 1,000kW of utility power generators and cooling towers with a cooling load of 280 tonnes. DataGryd's power source is a direct feed from the utility, with dual power feeds completely separate from the building. The turnkey data centre leverages future-proofed technology with a cost-effective IT infrastructure to drive operational efficiencies and deliver the highest value in energy efficiency and power reliability in Manhattan.

DataGryd’s MegaSuites are tenant-optimised, providing lower capital and operational expenditure options that maximise clients' capital preservation. MegaSuite 6 offers no obligation requirements for meet-me-room interconnects and delivers cross-connects to other networks without a recurring monthly fee. DataGryd suites can be customised in smaller increments, starting at 100 kW, 250kW, 500kw up to 5MW, to meet tenants’ needs.

In November, DataGryd and NYI, a provider of global managed hybrid IT solutions, entered into a partnership to provide best in class infrastructure, connectivity and managed hybrid IT solutions for customers at 60 Hudson Street.