5G ‘will expand enterprise revenue opportunities’, say telcos


Four out of five mobile telcos in Europe believe 5G will expand revenue opportunities with enterprise customers, according to a new survey.

Staff at market research and consultancy firm IDC interviewed C-level executives and other senior management from 105 telcos across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

“Operators of 5G networks can support mission-critical enterprise communications, with performance backed by service-level agreements,” said John Delaney, associate VP of mobility research at IDC. “Our research shows that mobile operators are optimistic about the potential for 5G to support an expansion of their role in the enterprise market.”

The survey, which was sponsored by software company Amdocs, found that 34% of operators plan to offer 5G services commercially to the enterprise sector by the end of 2019, a figure that will more than double to 84% by the end of 2020.

“The survey clearly demonstrates that operators see 5G as a means to restore value around core connectivity services for business customers.” said Matthieu Loreille, VP and head of consumer, enterprise and technology marketing at Amdocs.

He said that 5G would use “additional technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing and hybrid cloud”, and that would mean “operators will be strongly positioned to support enterprises in their digital transformation journey”.

Loreille explained: “5G technologies such as network slicing will allow them to tailor the performance, security level and characteristics appropriate to each business, opening up differentiating monetisation opportunities.”

He said: “5G, together with complementary technologies such as cloud, network softwarisation, virtualisation and automation will make this service a reality for business customers. This will enable them to build their own networks, aided by intuitive self-service portals that enhance the enterprise digital customer experience.”